Turn your invoices into cash today

Flexfin provides trade finance to small and medium-sized businesses

A new way to finance your receivables

Do you have invoices from quality clients but need to get paid sooner?
Flexfin offers you the opportunity to turn your invoices into cash online.


Open an account and get cash without ever leaving your office


Get paid within days of uploading your invoices onto our platform


You decide which invoices you wish to finance and when


No hidden fees, personal guarantees, standing charges or nasty surprises

How it works

  • Apply and get approved online
  • Upload your invoices
  • Check eligibility and cost for each invoice
  • Request financing for the invoices of your choice
  • Get paid within 5 business days

Indicative cost calculator

Invoice size
€ 500
€ 150,000
Invoice maturity
30 days
360 days
Total Flexfin charges(*)
You will get upfront
You will get on payment date
(*) subject to VAT
The calculation of the above figures is based on these assumptions